Meet the Designer

The designs for the jewelry pieces are handpicked by me. Thus my collection also reflects my personal taste.
After a long period of experimenting with materials and techniques, I have now found the best way of making my jewelry, using only high-quality materials.
Each piece is still made by hand and thus every piece is unique.
Of course this gives the opportunity to consider individual wishes of the customer.




A lot of my jewelry is inspired by classic literature pieces from Shakespeare to Jane Austen.

Victorian Art and Design also plays an important role in my creativity. I love anything vintage, thus most of my pieces are created in a vintage style or even have original vintage elements.


What's in a name?


WiccanStyle describes a unique style, though it doesn't have to be exclusively "wiccan". Some pieces are inspired by this nature religion, but not all. I draw my inspiration from my wiccan/pagan lifestyle and thus the name became linked with my jewelry.