The love for old Books

My love for old books started long ago, when I started reading the classics novels, Austen, Bronte, Shelley, Dickens...

 Then I discovered the vintage edition of these and other books and started collecting.


Old Book Projects

I have used old books often to photograph my jewellery on and turned some vintage copies of my favourite books into necklaces and pendants. Some are really old, however, and are starting to fall apart. I wanted to save them, but I didn't just want to leave them locked up behind a glass cabinet all the time. Then I thought, why not do something creative with them? The answer was simple: Make bookmarks out of them! I went ahead cut and laminated the first vintage page from a book and then added a handstamped paper on the back. I loved the result so much, that I started making all sorts of bookmarks.

You can now check out the full range of my new bookmarks at PatrizierPaper

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